(spoilers email) RE: Dark Lord of Derkholm

alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca
Fri Feb 11 16:35:13 EST 2000

> And the professional team Mr. whats-his-name showed up with - too funny to
> me who works with suits all day - evoked quite the subversive laugh from me.

Heavens yes.  Especially the hearty guy who "switched his smile on again"
after an interruption in his speech.  Shudders of recognition there.

> The one who refused to give over her earth-type amenities - just hysterical.

Oh, yes.  At about 2 am I got to the part where Miss Ledbury "smoothed her
neat maroo-colored trousers and patted the pearls around the neck of her
fluffy white sweater before she looked at Blade."  The fluffy
white sweater is perfect.  She reminds me just a little bit of Peter
Whimsey's staunch High Church little old lady turned detective whose name
(Katherine something?) escapes me just now.  

> But I don't know if really anything can beat the leathery winged avians for
> me.  I recently saw a movie trailer about a spaceship crew stranded on a
> planet and menaced by ----- leathery winged avians!  Had a very difficult
> time restraining myself.



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