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Fri Feb 11 16:24:55 EST 2000

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Paul Andinach wrote:

> Lucky you. Our local library is called "William Grundt"

:)  Oh dear.  One does wonder what Mr. Grundt had in mind, immortalizing
his fine name via a public institution.  (At my university, there's a
centre for something or other being built, named after our great donor/
benefactor Peter Munk.  It'll be called the Munk Centre.  Whenever I walk
past it, my fingers ache to scrawl the requisite 'chip' prefix to it.
Silly juvenile impulses, what can I say. :)

> > And Oh the Characters!  I shall stop myself here, or I'll rhapsodize
> > for hours.  Who were people's favourites, if there was such a thing? 
> Not sure. Definitely not the snake lady, though.

Not a pleasant person at all!  And nasty to contemplate, too.  All that
ruthless efficiency.  But I liked her as a character--very vivid and well
rounded, what with mannerisms and little self-indulgent habits.  And her
reviewing the complaints at the beginning--the expendable bards and the
"pathetic letters from nuns, monks, werewolves"--how delicious.

> The character who ended up becoming Blade's magic teacher (dodging a
> spoiler here) reminded me somewhat of Vivian's tutor in _A Tale of
> Time City_.

Yes!  And a little bit of Christopher Chant's tutor, too, "that appalling
fat man."

(who absolutely LOVED the sarcastic geese)

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