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Fri Feb 11 12:15:54 EST 2000

Tarja wrote:


>Yes, I agree with you on the abruptness of the ending, it just sort of
>fell flat and everything happened so fast. Still, I wasn't expecting a
>sequel, since I guess they wrapped up the main issues: ... I thought Khat's
>leaving was in character, because he had always been suspicious and wary
>around the Warders and now that Elen was the leader of them, even though
>they had a lot to connect them, he felt compelled to leave her.

Thanks for the reply - unfortuately, I only read City of Bones the one
time, so I'm just going on my fuzzy memory here.  Khat's leaving being in
character sounds as if it accords perfectly with what I remember.  I
suppose I felt a little let down though, as I really prefer it in books
when people manage to grow past that kind of suspicion, at least in the
case of a particular individual.  So many DWJ books do seem to me to have
that kind of change, that maybe I was expecting it sub-consciously!

>Another recent read was Patricia McKillip's _Song for the Basilisk_ which
>I just loved. She writes such poetic language and her descriptions are
>incredible. This book was also very moving and funny at places, and I do
>recommend it to everyone on the list.

Yeah!  I should be getting this one soon.  I've been wanting to read it for
a long time.

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