(spoilers email) RE: Dark Lord of Derkholm

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Fri Feb 11 10:48:06 EST 2000

Alexandra, giddy with sleeplessness, asked:

	"Who were people's favourites, if there was such a thing?"

	I liked the demon.  Not a personal affection, but I thought his
nature and effect on people were fascinating.

	I liked Kit and Elda a lot too.  I liked how teen they were - and
struggling with accepting themselves (and each other) as individuals.

	I loved the pocket universes - would have liked to hear more about
that!  And I loved the disappearing harem girls - great!

And the professional team Mr. whats-his-name showed up with - too funny to
me who works with suits all day - evoked quite the subversive laugh from me.
Oh and the two tourist couples who were oh-so ha!  (stricken inarticulate) -
The one who refused to give over her earth-type amenities - just hysterical.
And the other who kept falling of her horse. Ha!  And that dwj put in that
the girls always go for the wizards - lol!

But I don't know if really anything can beat the leathery winged avians for
me.  I recently saw a movie trailer about a spaceship crew stranded on a
planet and menaced by ----- leathery winged avians!  Had a very difficult
time restraining myself.

Ooh, and I liked how the lavender lady dragon was actually disappointing as
a "person."  I liked that dispelling of glamour.

And I just thought it was sooo hysterical how the Enchantress's Lair was
turned into this activist/consciousness raising thing - hee!


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