martha wells (spoilers)

Tarja L Rainio tlrainio at
Thu Feb 10 11:57:42 EST 2000

Ok, it's been almost a month since Hallie asked me about Martha Wells's
City of Bones, and now I finally found the time to reread the book...


>Have you read _City of Bones_?  I absolutely loved that, right up until
>the end, which felt so abrupt I thought there must be a sequel planned,
>but saw no word of one at the time.  I longed to discuss it with
>someone. Did you feel this way at all?  Maybe that was me expecting too
>much of a wrap-up?

Yes, I agree with you on the abruptness of the ending, it just sort of
fell flat and everything happened so fast. Still, I wasn't expecting a
sequel, since I guess they wrapped up the main issues: they got rid of the
Inhabitants of the West, Khat decided to leave Elen (?) after learning
about her position, and palace coup attempt was resolved. I thought Khat's
leaving was in character, because he had always been suspicious and wary
around the Warders and now that Elen was the leader of them, even though
they had a lot to connect them, he felt compelled to leave her. Staying
would have drawn too much negative attention to him, especially as the
leader's pet kris.

That's my 0.02 FIM on the subject.

Another recent read was Patricia McKillip's _Song for the Basilisk_ which
I just loved. She writes such poetic language and her descriptions are
incredible. This book was also very moving and funny at places, and I do
recommend it to everyone on the list.


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