where is everybody?

Bodil Gram bodil at cutisan.dk
Thu Feb 10 11:16:53 EST 2000

Britta asked why the list members suddenly seem so silent. I guess it could
be a combination of two factors:

1) Those of us who have anything to do with education may be busy with the
beginning of a new semester.

2) Nobody has introduced a juicy new subject for a couple of days.

The semester problem applies in my case, so all I can think of to say right
now is that I have just read the chapter about DWJ in Suzanne Rahn's book
"Rediscoveries in Children's Literature" and had a pretty good time with it.

Apart from the gee-whizz effect of seeing a clever lady like that take an
interest in your own favourite author, it is also a good analysis of some
of DWJ's early books, with many interesting points about why DWJ deserves a
special place in the pantheon of the Classic & Good of children's
literature as a trail blazer who has opened up new territories to
children's literature - but I guess that is not exactly hot news to any of
us, huh?

The book is from 1995, so you could have wished for more about DWJ books
written after 1984, but it is probably because Ms. Rahn's book is really a
collection of older articles published separately over several previous

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