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Britta Koch bkoch at
Wed Feb 9 14:22:27 EST 2000

On  8 Feb, Tanaqui wrote:
> + >> Britta, wanting OrdoEmacs and wondering "why Finux?"
> + >Why not? As you may already know, the 'father' of Linux, Linus Thorvalds,
> + >happens to be Finnish...
> + Yes, I know all that, using only Linux at home, but he mentions Windows NT 
> + and a few other OSs by their proper name, and then makes up a name for the 
> + coolest one ;)
> I interviewed Neal Stephenson the day after the UK launch of _Cryptonomicon_
> and (alas, after the official end of the interview, with the Sony Minidisc and
> dictaphone machines switched off) he explained that my nitpicks about the
> absence of .history files or similar are explained by the fact that Finux is
> not quite Linux - it's another worlds' version of the platform.
> (You'll recall that he explains all about IDing the camera program as a virus
> checker in case people know to use ps... but omits some other abilities to
> check on processes and history in Linux)

Thanx for finally answering that question! 

> Secret Admirers, now... there's a list I'd use in that world. 
> The interview is more general, pitched for _Interzone_ (with any luck, it'll
> be in next month's since they put Sterling's new Manifesto in this month's).
> Stuff like asking NS why (given the simplicity of carbon constructs) in 
> _Diamond Age_ the Neo-Victorians don't have diamonds rather than coal in their
> fireplaces was detail-obsessed stuff for my private delectation.

Could you send me na URL once it's published?

> I like the use of morse in _The Crow Road_ by Iain M. Banks. The guy can't
> bring himself to *say* "I Love You"...

Can't remember that one - yet another book to reread during my current

Btw, thanx, tanaqui, for also answering that question on "The Big U" -
now I don't have any more questions for NS, but I'm still waiting for
/. to interview him!


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