Cryptonomicon (Was RE: Book IDs (a longish delurk))

Tanaqui tweaver at
Tue Feb 8 15:52:27 EST 2000

+ "You could tell them that your history geek boyfriend found the book
+ > historically accurate by and large (there weren't any egregious howlers)."

+ This is high praise, trust me!  He fact checked the whole thing and had a
+ great time doing it.  He tells me he used to fact check all his teachers and
+ professors - truly a challenging reader and auditor.  A book with something
+ to offer everyone?

Neal S. mentioned some of the research he'd done, on Churchill's attitude in
the war, and how his memoirs so cunningly edit out details of the coding
operations, so that they are a hugely plausible account that omits all the meat.

Alas, NS's book was in serious need of a copy editor. (*not* an authorial fault)
As reported on SlashDot, the PERL script is missing an important character
that would make it work (!), and people "siding" off submarines etc. spoiled
it for me somewhat. (Misspelling "Lucipher" - a code joke - as the more usual
"lucifer" was another annoying lapse). I have a huge list of typos, grr.

I think a trick was missed over the plural of abacus, as well.
NS is a Great Man.

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