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Tue Feb 8 15:44:02 EST 2000

+ >> Britta, wanting OrdoEmacs and wondering "why Finux?"

+ >Why not? As you may already know, the 'father' of Linux, Linus Thorvalds,
+ >happens to be Finnish...

+ Yes, I know all that, using only Linux at home, but he mentions Windows NT 
+ and a few other OSs by their proper name, and then makes up a name for the 
+ coolest one ;)

I interviewed Neal Stephenson the day after the UK launch of _Cryptonomicon_
and (alas, after the official end of the interview, with the Sony Minidisc and
dictaphone machines switched off) he explained that my nitpicks about the
absence of .history files or similar are explained by the fact that Finux is
not quite Linux - it's another worlds' version of the platform.

(You'll recall that he explains all about IDing the camera program as a virus
checker in case people know to use ps... but omits some other abilities to
check on processes and history in Linux)

Secret Admirers, now... there's a list I'd use in that world. 

The interview is more general, pitched for _Interzone_ (with any luck, it'll
be in next month's since they put Sterling's new Manifesto in this month's).
Stuff like asking NS why (given the simplicity of carbon constructs) in 
_Diamond Age_ the Neo-Victorians don't have diamonds rather than coal in their
fireplaces was detail-obsessed stuff for my private delectation.

+ Britta, still wondering, and wanting to have xleds on her computer for the 
+ morse bit (the coolest part of the book, IMHO)

I like the use of morse in _The Crow Road_ by Iain M. Banks. The guy can't
bring himself to *say* "I Love You"...

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