where is everybody?

Britta Koch bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Tue Feb 8 13:47:17 EST 2000


Did I get kicked off a list (accidentally) again? Or was everybody busy
toasting cheese (and eating it)?

Well, I haven't got any books left (just ANSI Common LISP, and to read
about a programming language in bed is just horrible), waiting for my
ordered books to arrive (grumble - maybe I should try amazon again? at
least they deliver quickly - but no, I will resist! boycott the evil
patenters!), and reading borrowed books (Fermat's Last Theorem -and I've
understood all the formulas and math up to now - a uncommon pleasure
since I started studying ;), and rereading old one. I just have to say:
I love Oscar Wilde! His tales are so romantic, and his plays so funny
and witty! (Maybe I'll order his biography...) I'd surely love to meet

Britta, shouting into the void to see if ther's an echo ;)
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