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Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Fri Feb 4 15:46:08 EST 2000

Sarah wrote:
BTW, I wrote to McKinley also--not as a school assignment--and got a 4(!) page
letter back.  It is the best author reply I have ever received!

"McMullin, Elise" <emcmullin at kl.com> wrote:
Wow!  I would love it if each of you would tell us more about what McKinley
and dwj had to say in these letters. 


Well, I got McKinley's letter out of my file and it is only 2 and a half pages
long, not 4!  I guess I exaggerated a bit...McKinley wrote me about a whole
bunch of stuff, including her own experience writing favorite authors and
concern about not gushing all over the letter as to alienate said author!  She
wrote about her new website that was going up, how DWJ was one of her favorite
authors and a friend (also that Dark Lord was dedicated to her but not in the
US edition for some reason).  Basically, I  pointed out what I liked best
about a handful of her books--especially her newest ones--and she responded
with her own comments.  If you make specific comments, you are more likely to
get an answer.  My reply from DWJ was much shorter but she did answer my
direct questions.  

I hope you write DWJ soon!  I saw that envelope in the mail, thought, "I don't
know anyone in Bristol...OH!" and then got all excited and carefully set it
aside to open last. 


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