Diamond Age (was: Re: Cryptonomicon)

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Fri Feb 4 11:49:57 EST 2000

	Melissa wrote:

> There's a lot I like about it: the book, of course, but also the idea that
> some cultures simply work better than others, and the breakdown of nations
> and the rise of idealogy-based clans.
Yeah.  What she said.  I really have to read this again.

>   But most of all, I really, REALLY admire Miranda.  The contrast between
> Nell's obnoxious birth mother and the
> woman who effectively raises her is so profound.
I love how she grapples with the situation and steps up to the plate 100%.
I also like how this appears to make all the difference in the results
compared to the other two girls who have the books as well.

>   This aspect of the book is
> particularly meaningful to me because, theoretically, I gave up a lot to
> stay home and raise my children.  (From my point of view, I didn't give up
> anything that I didn't get back a hundredfold.  But I know a lot of women
> see this choice as hopelessly submissive to patriarchal domination.
It's freedom of choice and to work out the right solutions that's important
imho.  I have a guy friend who yearns for house husband status - he's always
wanted most to be a dad.  Luckily, his wife's number one desire is to have a
lucrative career.  Besides, as your chicks get older you will be well placed
to launch your writing career.  We expect the first book or set of essays
one year to the day after you begin  ;)

> Add to that X's mission to save
> all those little babies, and you start to get a book that is
> overwhelmingly
> about the value of human life--about giving the very littlest ones a
> chance
> to grow into magnificent men and women.  I love it.
I love how the ending is so optimistic in a way that is a much larger
optimism than many books.  A humanitarian optimism.

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