OT: Toasted Cheese etc.

PREISIG Kylie kp027 at energex.com.au
Thu Feb 3 18:58:06 EST 2000

> > And for under the grill I love cheese on toast with bacon.  
> But only with
> > the secret ingredient!  Which is just a touch of Vegemite 
> on the bread.
> I will have to try that.  Bread, Marmite, cheese, bacon.  
> (Mental shopping list)

I'd really recommend genuine Vegemite if you can get it.  Marmite is just
not the same.  I've only ever had it substituted for Vegemite once, and that
was at a very early age, but I can still vividly remember the horror of the

A friend of mine was saying that one of the big supermarket chains in the UK
does carry Vegemite.  Unfortunately I don't remember which one...

Another favourite is bread with Vegemite soaked with beaten egg and fried.

This is making me feel hungry.  I think I'll have to make cheese on toast
for tea tonight.


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