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Thu Feb 3 06:13:06 EST 2000

Alice, irrelevantly (sic):
>these weird
>little washing-machines that opened at the front, and in order to
>conserve water, or power (or both?) took about 3 hours to wash your

Never having been long enough in Italy to use a washing machine there <big,
jealous sigh>, I'm not positive the "weird little washing-machines" are
exactly the same as the one in my kitchen, but it sounds very similar.
Although I admit the length of cycle is startlingly long to those used to
North American type beasts, there are two major advantages to these
machines.  Firstly, they are much gentler on your clothes.  Trust me on
this one!
Secondly, it is perfectly safe to take a shower while running the washer -
not an advantage you'd have noticed in a dorm, but in a real house - well,
who hasn't been frozen or scalded attempting this?  (Ok, so this IS only a
theoretical advantage for us at the moment, as we - dare I admit it? - have
no shower in the house.  Two baths, and a hand-shower on one, but no real

All this cannot be truly irrelevant, though, as anyone who had lived in a
house with toilets that boiled(*), and rising damp(**), as DWJ has, would
have to be interested in plumbing, and any appliances related thereto!

(*)  Never experienced this myself.  Sounds terrifying.

(**)  Have experienced this, and it was a monster! The fact that there was
rising damp in this house when we moved in two and a half years ago,
requiring very disruptive treatment, directly relates to the fact that I
still haven't managed to get a shower in yet.

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