Writing to DWJ

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi
Thu Feb 3 03:23:05 EST 2000

To answer Sarah's question, 
I also wrote to DWJ, about two years ago, because I felt I needed her
help... At the time I was writing my Proseminar paper (BA thesis ?) at the
University of Helsinki on 'The Culture Bound Translation Problems of Deep
Secret', and I wanted the author's help in defining what some terms she'd
used really ment. Or rather, what she had been thinking when decicing to
use words like (e.g.) 'Naywards' and 'Ayewards' in the book. I did it to
be able to compose a translation of (part) of the book that she as the
author would have been able to agree with. 
She was kind enough to write me back providing me with answers to my


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