McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Wed Feb 2 18:09:46 EST 2000

	Nat said:
> I wrote her back in (I think) 1986, and she wrote back with a great
> letter.
> I wrote a very odd letter to her that summer after spending way too long
> thinking Deep Thoughts, and she wrote back a polite but bracing "get a
> grip" letter back. Embarrassing.
lol - don't feel too bad - the one I wrote embarrassed me too.  It was
extremely tentative and "sorry to bother you."  In fact, it was pretty much
a writhing nest of adolescent insecurity  =:o  But it probably all looms
larger in my mind than it actually was.

> I have my suspicions about the annoying Mr Kase in Deep Secret, but I'm
> probably flattering myself.

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