Cryptonomicon (Was RE: Book IDs (a longish delurk))

Jennifer Forsyth jforsyth at
Wed Feb 2 15:22:12 EST 2000

Britta wrote: 
> Anyone here read Zodiac? It's not as much SciFi as the others, but still 
quite fun, and fast like other Stephenson.
> I'm also looking for "The Big U", the first Stephenson, which sounds good fun 
but went out of print some time ago.

I really enjoyed Zodiac (tho' it's not my absolute favorite). Stephenson
seems to be one of those authors who (for me, at least) writes his books
with such well-chosen detail that I end up making one of those rookie
mistakes and wondering how much of the book is autobiographical--they just
have such lifelike variety! My husband taught Zodiac in a composition
class that had the environment as a theme. I stole his idea and used The
Diamond Age as required reading in a technology-centered comp class I was
teaching. Apparently, not all students respond well to a certain level of
freedom of expression and "adult situations." Most liked the books,

The Big U was not what I think of as typical Stephenson--I think somebody
else commented recently about its roughness compared with later works,
which is exactly how I reacted. On the other hand, I didn't have any
trouble believing it was written by Stephenson, if you know what I mean. 

I'd definitely recommend checking out Interface by Stephen Bury (his
alias, as someone else pointed out recently--sorry I can't remember who
says these things!). Readers in the States might find it particularly
interesting this year since it's about elections, but it should be good

(Since I'm on the subject of Stephenson, I'll tally up on the side of
people who have no claim to be computer geeks but who enjoyed
Cryptonomicon anyhow. Hmm--does this make me a computer geek wanna-be?)

Jennifer Forsyth

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