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Wed Feb 2 14:21:02 EST 2000

Jennifer wrote:

"I like to think that DWJ would care *deeply* about the properly done
cheese sandwich and the differences in appliances across

I agree, and therefore offer my $0.02 on the subject. A university
residence which I stayed in two summers ago in Italy had these weird
little washing-machines that opened at the front, and in order to
conserve water, or power (or both?) took about 3 hours to wash your
clothes. The first time I ran out of laundry and had to attempt to use
one of these things, I put it on the wrong setting -- an excusable
mistake, I think, considering that there were about 2 dozen different
settings, and their names were half rubbed-off, and written in Italian
-- and the water didn't drain out after the cycle was finished, so when
I opened the door to get my clothes out, water slopped all over the
floor. Of course there was no such thing as a dryer, other than the sun,
so I hung all my sodden laundry on the line for a while, and took it
down later, stiff as a board and completely unwearable. (Later, with the
help of a dictionary, I did learn to use the washing-machine properly.)


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