Letter Writing

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Wed Feb 2 11:41:28 EST 2000

	Sarah wrote:
> BTW, I wrote to McKinley also--not as a school assignment--and got a 4(!)
> page
> letter back.  It is the best author reply I have ever received!
	And Kylie wrote:

In the bit that was read out to us DWJ answered a question about something
she didn't explain fully in _Power of Three_.  Very interesting.

Wow!  I would love it if each of you would tell us more about what McKinley
and dwj had to say in these letters.  Please?  I think it's wonderful that
everyone at Kylie's party was excited to see the letter.  Also, it never
occurred to me that kids would write laundry list letters for a grade - how
hateful for the authors!  They seem to call for a form reply.  

I've been thinking of writing dwj for some months now.  I think I will do so
soon.  Thanks to Sally for warning me on what to avoid!  I am thinking I
will break the letter out into addressing different aspects of her books and
writing process.... What have others done?

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