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Britta Koch bkoch at
Wed Feb 2 11:27:27 EST 2000

>"You could tell them that your history geek boyfriend found the book
>> historically accurate by and large (there weren't any egregious howlers)."

Good to know!

>I *have* read Snow Crash and Diamond Age.  I thought Snow was a delightful
>romp.  I think I read it before I was on the net, so I will have to read it
>again.  I particularly liked the part about people choosing generic Barbie
>and Ken avatars  :D  But I was thrilled too that he drew in memes.

I loved that book too - it's really cool! I'd love it if we got something like the Metaverse while I'm still alive - 
I'd even try to write my own motrocycle software ;) And, I think Hiro is quite a hunk...
>My favorite Stephenson so far is definitely Diamond Age.  I love, love, love
>the focus on how books, one amazing book, can change a person's life. Must
>read again soon.  Needless to say, I drool over the book in that book.

I liked it a lot, too - but the style was IMO quite different from Snow Crash - less distractions. I loved
it because I want such a book too, and because I loved the people...

Anyone here read Zodiac? It's not as much SciFi as the others, but still quite fun, and fast like other Stephenson.
I'm also looking for "The Big U", the first Stephenson, which sounds good fun but went out of print some time ago.

>P.S.  To all the folks who recommended Sayers - loved Gaudy Night.  I am now
>traveling back in time and reading Strong Poison.  I love her minor
>characters, particularly - like Miss Climpson and Miss Murchison.  She
>reminds me of Marion Chesney/M.C. Beaton in that way.  Thanks so much!

I really want a library that keeps D.L.Sayers in English near me!!!


(P.S: Irina, if this letter is one long line, forgive me - I can't seem to turn it off!)

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