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Wed Feb 2 10:57:23 EST 2000

	Satu wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, PREISIG Kylie wrote: 
> > Everyone who has mentioned it to me has loved it!  Though come to think
> of
> > it, most of them were computer geeks...  I'm getting tempted to lash out
> on
> > the trade paperback.  Even though trade paperbacks are disgusting!
> Well, you may add one more person who REALLY liked the book - to the
> non-computer-geek list. I highly recommend the book to anyone even
> remotely interested in (the history of) cryptography - and all of us have
> at least once tried to conceal a message by using some sort of code,
> haven't we???
	I forwarded this thread to my boyfriend because I got him this book
as a present.  I haven't read it yet myself but the dustjacket description
might as well have come right out and said it was written specifically for
his interests.  He wrote me:

"You could tell them that your history geek boyfriend found the book
> historically accurate by and large (there weren't any egregious howlers)."
This is high praise, trust me!  He fact checked the whole thing and had a
great time doing it.  He tells me he used to fact check all his teachers and
professors - truly a challenging reader and auditor.  A book with something
to offer everyone?

I *have* read Snow Crash and Diamond Age.  I thought Snow was a delightful
romp.  I think I read it before I was on the net, so I will have to read it
again.  I particularly liked the part about people choosing generic Barbie
and Ken avatars  :D  But I was thrilled too that he drew in memes.

My favorite Stephenson so far is definitely Diamond Age.  I love, love, love
the focus on how books, one amazing book, can change a person's life. Must
read again soon.  Needless to say, I drool over the book in that book.


P.S.  To all the folks who recommended Sayers - loved Gaudy Night.  I am now
traveling back in time and reading Strong Poison.  I love her minor
characters, particularly - like Miss Climpson and Miss Murchison.  She
reminds me of Marion Chesney/M.C. Beaton in that way.  Thanks so much!
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