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At a New Year's Eve party I went to a few years ago there was a part of the
evening where lots of people were clustered around a girl (someone who
writes to the list occasionally) who had brought the reply to a letter that
she wrote to DWJ.  They were all awfully impressed.  Including me.

I guess that gives you an indication of the kind of parties I go to!  It was
held by someone from the Uni science fiction club.  I don't think at your
average party there would have been that many people who were that impressed
by a genuine DWJ letter!

In the bit that was read out to us DWJ answered a question about something
she didn't explain fully in _Power of Three_.  Very interesting.

I really must get around to writing to her myself.


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> Sarah
> I also wrote to her about 15 years ago. I was young and it 
> was a fan letter
> of questions however the answers were very interesting. This 
> was part of the
> reason for catching her several times on her Australian tour.
> I found if you suggest and explain you responses to their 
> writing, you get a
> better response. Much more interesting letters than "What's 
> your favourite
> colour?" or "Why do you write?"
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