OT: Toasted Cheese (was: Book IDs (a longish delurk))

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Feb 1 16:20:02 EST 2000

Melissa queried:
>(Is it true that appliances in the UK and Europe are generally smaller than
>those in the US?  This is just something I've noticed here and there, in
>watching TV shows.  Like on "As Time Goes By" they have this teeny little
>refrigerator that fits under the countertop, but mine is a 21 cubic foot
>monster that will easily accommodate eight gallon jugs of milk on the top

Oh yes, this is certainly true in my experience.  I brought over just a few
household-type things when moving back from the States to Ireland, and soon
realized how foolish I'd been.  Those sized-to-fit-in-the-fridge door juice
containers from the States were about the size of my fridge here.  Slight
exaggeration, and the fridge isn't under the countertop, but my washer is,
and is much smaller than most US models.  My kitchen's too small to hold
the washer and either a dryer or dishwasher, (and there's nowhere aside
from the kitchen) so I can't directly compare those, but I can remember the
size.  Must say, though, those Victorians knew what they were about.  A
drying-rack that winches up to the ceiling works wonderfully - although I
do still miss the convenience of clothes that are dry in 30 minutes. :-(

>Could we possibly go FURTHER off topic?  :)

Don't phrase that as a challenge, Melissa!  Who knows what we'll come up with...

But, of course, this is all relevant as the Americans want to be able to
picture Gran's kitchen realistically.  Not to mention Tom's flat (did he
even have a kitchen?) - or Polly and Fiona's.   And...what's more, don't I
recall *something* about DWJ at the whatever-con being overheard talking
something kitcheny???  Food-containers?  Knives?  All seems very unlikely,
but I know it was something unexpectedly prosaic!  Maybe whoever reported
this will be kind enough to help me out.  (I need help, obviously.)

hallieod at indigo.ie

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