Toasted Cheese (was: Book IDs (a longish delurk))

PREISIG Kylie kp027 at
Tue Feb 1 16:48:55 EST 2000

> I bought a sandwich toaster not too long ago, but I seldom 
> use it.  It doesn't
> seal the sandwiches well, and the cheese goes all over the 
> place.  Sometime I
> will try grilling two slices of toasted cheese, and then 
> sandwiching them, to
> see if this makes a good "grilled cheese sandwich", but I'd 
> welcome suggestions
> from the experts ;-)

I'd recommend a jaffle iron.  It squishes the bread together like a toasted
sandwich maker and has a big long handle, becuase it is meant to be put in
the flames (a gas burner or wood).  We used one camping last month and it
made some delicious sandwiches.  A bit black, but that's part of the fun!

And for under the grill I love cheese on toast with bacon.  But only with
the secret ingredient!  Which is just a touch of Vegemite on the bread.

For more traditional cheese sandwiched done in a frying pan, my Mum taught
me to butter the bread - but on the outside of the sandwich - stops it

who likes toasted cheese a lot
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