OT: Toasted Cheese (was: Book IDs (a longish delurk))

Jennifer Forsyth jforsyth at unr.edu
Tue Feb 1 16:45:16 EST 2000

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> (Is it true that appliances in the UK and Europe are generally smaller than
> those in the US?  This is just something I've noticed here and there, in
> watching TV shows.  Like on "As Time Goes By" they have this teeny little
> refrigerator that fits under the countertop, but mine is a 21 cubic foot
> monster that will easily accommodate eight gallon jugs of milk on the top
> shelf.)

When I was studying in London & Cambridge a few years back, the
apartment-type place I was staying had a very small (by US
standards) clothes washer/dryer--that's one machine, not stacked units. I
don't remember the fridge or stove being smaller than in other
kitchenettes I've seen here. (The washer/dryer was the occasion of much
hilarity when one of the students I was sharing with (also from the
States) discovered after two weeks that he'd only been running his clothes
through the dryer cycle, then ironing, wearing, and drying again. And the
rest of us had been wondering the whole time why we kept finding soap
already loaded in the machine! As a fastidious dresser, he was horribly
embarrassed, poor man.)

 > Could we possibly go FURTHER off topic?  :)

I like to think that DWJ would care *deeply* about the properly done
cheese sandwich and the differences in appliances across 

Jennifer Forsyth (who is currently doing laundry in industrial-sized

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