Toasted Cheese (was: Book IDs (a longish delurk))

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Tue Feb 1 14:46:12 EST 2000

Phil opens Pandora's cheese toaster:

	"Sometime I will try grilling two slices of toasted cheese, and then
sandwiching them, to see if this makes a good "grilled cheese sandwich", but
I'd welcome suggestions from the experts ;-)"

	I was holding off on my eccentric grilled cheese habits, but I can
resist no more.   I like to buy club buns (the oblong kind, bulkier than hot
dog buns but of similar length).  Individual toasting of bun subject to
whim.  Cheese product being anathema to me, I slice out the old extra sharp
cheddar.  Then, and this has proved to be cause revulsion in some observers,
I dust on one or more of the following: curry powder, dried mustard (goes
very well with melted cheese, try with macaroni & cheese), paprika, garlic
powder, dried basil flakes, chives.  Recently I've been into a curry,
garlic, basil combo. 

	There's probably room to work som diced onions or sauteed mushrooms
into this. Who knows?

	But wait! There's more.  I also like to throw on a lot of spinach if
I've got it (fresh, if you microwave it briefly it packs down as if steamed)
- and I most always throw tomatoes in after toasting and before
consolidating the creation.  At my college deli I used to rely on an open
face poppy seed bagel (yum!) toasted and adorned with cheese, bacon and
tomato, but I am no longer much interested in bacon.  Still, it was tasty.
Despite the above recipe I don't qualify as a vegetarian, just to clear that
up.  I always feel so sordid when I disappoint the real vegetarians.

	But to return, bagels are certainly a great grilled cheese option,
but my current experiments would overflow the bagel too much.

	That reminds me - I had the most delicious coronation chicken salad
sandwiches when I visited Britain - does anyone have a good recipe for it?

> Philip (definitely overparticipating)
Right there with ya!


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