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Tue Feb 1 12:53:57 EST 2000

Only one new story? Oh. Well. At least there's ONE.

I wrote to Ms. Jones a few years ago. She responded quite promptly 
considering the trans-Atlantic mail service.  I recall tmentioning that I had 
particularly enjoyed Hexwood (her most recent at the time), Her response said 
that she was glad to hear it, since a number of her fans said that that one 
had made their brains hurt.

I've always considered it a much more sucessful experiment in non-linear 
storytelling than Tale of Time City. Have always suspected that might have 
been a passage in Spellcoats which started her off on that particular 
project. (Mallard tells Tanaqui that her determination to tell everything in 
"the proper order" is as bad as Herne's insistence that there be a rational 
explanation for everything.)
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