Copyright notice (Re: YotG with spoilers)

Nat Case ncase at
Sat Dec 30 17:04:09 EST 2000

>This is the information I have uncovered:
>The British copyright act of 1988 covers, in addition to copyright, a
>set of "moral rights". These include the right of attribution (the
>true author has the right to be identified as the author, and to stop
>anyone else being identified as the author), and the right of
>integrity (the author has the right "to object to modifications of the
>work such as distortion, mutilation, or other derogatory action in
>relation to the work that would be prejudicial to the authors honour
>or reputation").
>Under the act, most of the moral rights are, like copyright,
>automatic, but the right of attribution isn't; an author is required
>to publish a notice with the work saying that he or she claims the

Paul: thanks for a clearer and, er, more correct explanation of the law...
Nappy New year!

Nat Case
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