DWJ: off topic Sorcery and Cecilia

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Dec 29 16:40:31 EST 2000

>Has anyone tried to order _Sorcery and Cecilia_ using the info that
>Jennifer posted to the list a few weeks back?  I am trying to decide
>whether it will be worth the time and shipping expense (I'm in the US) to
>try to get a copy.  I read a Wrede novel that is supposed to be set in the
>same world as Sorcery and Cecilia (_Magician's Ward_), and while I liked
>it, I don't think it made me enthused enough to try to get S&C from
>overseas. Any thoughts?

I did.  (BOL, wasn't it?)  I found it there several weeks before the 
list post, and hopped on the chance of a 5 quid copy of S&C (although 
I have one, so it may seem a little greedy!).  Many, many weeks after 
the order was placed, I got a letter saying that it was unavailable. 
I should have known it was too cheap to be likely.

I liked Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward a lot, probably 
slightly more than S&C actually, so my opinion about this may not be 
useful. (Becca just told me that she agrees, making it two possibly 
not-so-useful opinions).


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