Apology, Introduction, YOTG and Dogsbody

Susanna E. Leng 98 Susanna.E.Leng.98 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
Fri Dec 29 12:58:29 EST 2000

Sorry, everyone, about that last email.  I was stupid and 
replied to everyone by mistake.  (How often I have wondered 
how people could make that mistake, annoyed by email I get 
not intended for me, but now I'm sheepishly admitting that 
it's an honest mistake)

Anyhow, I should introduce myself.  I've been lurking on 
this list for a while now, really enjoying the discussions 
you've been having, but not enough of an analytical reader 
to think I had much to contribute.  I'm making an effort to 
change that.  I'm a software engineer in LA, I've been a 
DWJ fan since childhood, when in 5th grade a teacher 
read 'Archer's Goon' and 'Tale of Time City' out loud to 
the class.  I was immediately hooked.  Because they were 
first read to me, those two are among my favorites.

I was interested to discover that the problems I had with 
YOTG were all felt by other people on the list.  Not to say 
I didn't enjoy it - I did - but I felt that the plot toward 
the end was a bit contrived.  It didn't seem to me to flow 
from a natural progression of events as easily as some of 
her other books do.  And I'm ashamed to admit I didn't 
really want to read any of the essays the students wrote 
about magic.  In fact, I was a bit suspicious of the idea 
that all of them had written such wonderful essays - in my 
experience, being a computer science major in college, most 
of my essays were poor, and those I proofread for friends 
were also often rather dull.  =)  But I suppose the topic 
of magic would be more interesting, and feeling strongly 
about it, as they all did, makes a difference as well.

But to keep this short, and to reward those who've read 
this far, I'll get to the last topic.
I have been trying to build my collection of DWJ 
hardcovers, and mistakenly ordered two copies of Dogsbody 
from stores online.  I now have two, one in good, ex-
library shape that I'm willing to give away to the first 
person who tells me that they don't have it.  (It's a 
reading copy, not in perfect shape).  I will ship it almost 
anywhere, and would like to give it to someone who doesn't 
already own it.  So please be honest.  =)
(Knowing this list, that shouldn't be a problem)
And when you reply to me, don't do what I did, and reply to 
the whole list.  =)

Happy New Year everyone!

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