The nature of magic

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Wed Dec 27 15:02:39 EST 2000

Oh, Elise, what a scrumptious idea.

I've been thinking about what my magic would be like, and it's brought my 
attention to Things I Think about Myself that I never thought of before.

I think there would be something a little smug about my magic, but then I'm 
in good company with many DWJ protagonists.
I think my magic would have a lot to do with perceiving similarities in 
seemingly different things, and finding a way to convince them that they 
belong together; or tracing a common thread down to a common ancestor. I 
wouldn't be very methodological, most of my magic would be intuitive. And it 
would be very sensible and unromantic. I am a packrat, I keep things like 
theatre tickets for years for no reason, and then find they come in handy 
years later in a way I could not have predicted; and in the same way I 
retain little glistenings of ideas and obscure details that appeal to me and 
I have a knack for regurgitating them at the right moment - I'm sure my 
magic would work like that too. And I think I'd be very good with 
understanding certain types of animals, like cats. Less so birds.
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