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Kyra Jucovy klj at
Tue Dec 26 20:25:33 EST 2000

With deepest apologies to the one person I know of who is in fact
receiving this twice,
	Over the past few years I have discovered that I am actually a
writer.  Not just in the sense that if I want to, I can write, but in the
more important sense that sometimes I just have to write.  Some of the
stuff I have to write, I have things to do with.  But some of it, for
whatever reason, mostly because it doesn't seem like it would be
particularly interesting to all that many people, I don't really have
anything to do with.  Therefore, I am now opening up my sccs webpage, at, so that I can put things I write there.  I'm
telling all of you about this because you are people whom I suspect might
not be entirely bored by the things I write.  Right now, I have up there
the essay I had to write before I could get around to writing my recent
"Philosophy of Music" final paper.  In case this sort of thing bothers
you, there are spoilers for the DWJ novella "The True State of Affairs" and 
the video game _Xenogears_.  Periodically, I'll put up something new,
basically whenever I feel like it.  This is just a webpage you can bookmark 
and look at every few months when you feel like procrastinating; if you really
don't care about it, you don't need to worry about ever seeing me write
about it to you again :).  Enjoy, and thanks for your time/space in your
inbox ;-).
	BTW, I don't code HTML.  I could learn if I wanted to, I guess,
but right at this point it doesn't feel necessary.  Maybe one day I'll
feel like putting up a remotely pretty or complex webpage, but at this
point I don't.  Sorry :(.


"Isn't that just like Death?  Going off and killing people for no good
reason. . ."
	---Wayne MacLaurin, review of The Great Game at

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