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Sat Dec 23 17:33:12 EST 2000

On Sat, 23 Dec 2000, Amaya Booker wrote:

> > Unfortunately (or fortunately) he can't wong--he only mrrps.
> My cat 'wongs'. It drives me nuts! You can hear this cat 100 metres away
> with all the doors shut and the pillow on your head.

Yipes.  Lucius has this annoying high-pitched little mew that goes through
doors and pillows and teeth, but nothing that painful!

> Sadly our cat is a small Himalayan Persian fluffball and not a sleek tabby.
> But I think it's the Siamese aspect of the breed since all Siamese and
> Burmese cats wong like Throgmorten caught in a car engine.

:) Yipes.  One of our neighbours has a cat that wongs.  We listen to it
going on and on in the evenings and then pick up Lucius and pet him out of
sheer gratitude that he can't do that.

> So ... was this a Lucius Malfoy referral or am I way off? > 

I fear there was no referral at all.  My friend and roommate who picked it
wanted something suitably aristocratic.  Though it gave us rather a turn
when she found out Lucius was also the first name of Seneca, whose letters
had been inflicted on her at the time (in Latin).


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