Hello Again!

Amaya Booker amaya at whatever.net.au
Fri Dec 22 22:06:22 EST 2000

> The small squeaky cat's name is Lucius.  He is mouse-grey and thin as a
> rail, and he's got that aristocrat-fallen-on-hard-times look about him. :)
> Unfortunately (or fortunately) he can't wong--he only mrrps.
My cat 'wongs'. It drives me nuts! You can hear this cat 100 metres away
with all the doors shut and the pillow on your head.

Sadly our cat is a small Himalayan Persian fluffball and not a sleek tabby.
But I think it's the Siamese aspect of the breed since all Siamese and
Burmese cats wong like Throgmorten caught in a car engine.

So ... was this  Lucius Malfoy referral or am I way off?



There's no justice.

There's just us.

amaya at whatever.net.au

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