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liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Thu Dec 21 06:13:41 EST 2000

Laurie wrote:

>I *hate* it when characters airily solve
>language problems with a computer or something like that.  But maybe
>that's just residual resentment from the years and years and years I've
>been studying a second language (Spanish) and there is still so much to

But it's fun too, isn't it? Language is very much connected to culture, to so
many things "above and beyond" grammar. Like this "Simon says" thing I asked
about on this list: there are so many details, and I think it's very exciting
when you discover new bits.

That's why I'm a bit sceptical of all these Universal Translators, too...
There is one episode of StarTrek TNG that deals with this, where the
Enterprise is face with people whose' language they cannot translate, as it
mainly relates too legends and places they naturally do not know.


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