The Nature of Magic (Was: RE: yotg discussion (spoilers))

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Dec 21 04:57:28 EST 2000

Elise wrote:

>--I'm still yearning to have a conversation about the nature of 
>magic.  Isn't that what you both are saying too?  I mean, if we 
>can't see their essays -- what would *your* essay be like and how 
>would it express your line of thought as a sort of natural 
>expression of your particular signature magic?  I'm pretty sure my 
>magic would have a lot to do with metaphor, symbol and association. 
>It would also be very plain - no lightning - might not look at all 
>like magic on the surface - sort of like those undergrad essays I 
>was describing earlier, it might be... errr diplomatic.  Ooh please 
>someone pick up the ball and run with it....

Can't run (except around in circles, possibly!) with anything at the 
moment, but this was too great an idea to leave on the ground.  I 
love your description of your magic, Elise, and agree - definitely no 
lightning.  I tried thinking about what mine might be, and started 
wondering if it might be somewhat like my mothering?  Which (in my 
good moments), seems to centre on listening to what's being said, and 
what's being felt.  It seemed unlikely for a way of doing magic at 
first, but I'm not so sure that it is.  Once you've really understood 
the other person's (or thing's in this case) feelings, then you can 
help with ways of looking at a problem.  So why not a similar type of 
magic?  Just a slight variation on Sophie's talking to kind of magic, 

This just reminded me of the wonderful moment in Deep Secret where 
Rupert has reluctantly to _suggest_ to the plant thing that it go 
back to being a bus shelter.

Hallie - who OUGHT to be out getting the presents that still haven't 
been bought, and queuing in the post office to mail the things that 
have to be posted, and writing the things that will have to be queued 
for them to be posted, and...

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