YotG, no plot spoilers

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Dec 21 03:47:31 EST 2000


>Before YotG: I was thinking about the Grinch thing, and I just want to say
>two things and see what kind of response I get.  Harry
>Potter.  Commercialism.

:)  You may get a denunciation, but it certainly won't come from me! 
Actually, when I read Carol Oneir's Hundredth Dream, my first thought 
was that DWJ had to be referring to Rowlings.  Of course, I then 
realized that it had been written before the Phenomenon...

>	Vaguely around the same lines, I was thinking about actors for
>parts in DWJ books.  I know this discussion has been had, but it was
>before my time, so forgive me if I repeat.  I can see Rupert Everett as
>Chrestomanci (think An Ideal Husband).  And, back to YotG, I was thinking
>for some reason of Bill Pullman (Independence Day, Spaceballs) as

Yes - I hadn't seen An Ideal Husband on the first go-round of this 
discussion, but now can agree with you on Rupert Everett.  Howl's 
still a puzzler though.


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