yotg with spoilers

Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Dec 20 20:30:52 EST 2000

Elise wrote
> "...[re: Deep Secret]and it was quite amusing how each of the main
> characters initially thought
> the other one was insufferable. It neatly did away with the biased
> perspective problem."

I've been following the love at first sight discussion with interest. it 
occurs to me that like Mari's mother I thought my ex husband was 
a prat when we first met. I rather think he's a prat now (and some 
choicer things). I'm not really sure whatr happened in between, 
however I think this falling in love with someone you didn't like at 
first is at least as bad a basis for a long term relationaship as  
falling for them straight away...................  


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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