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Lizzie wrote
> ) (and it's just occured to me that parrots have beaks and they can
> say human phrases).
Some birds do seem to have a much better capacity to make all 
kinds of sounds than humans. The episode of David Attenborough's 
Birds series about their songs and voices was enlightening on this, 
they use a different system to mammals. The programme showed 
a lyre bird performing incredible vocal gymnastics flawlessing 
reproducing the sounds of cameras, with the whirring of an 
automatic wind on, sirens and a compendium of sounds from a 
logging camp, which evenb included background noises. So I 
guess any bird headed chimera should have no trouble in making 
the sounds for human speech. It would however seem likely they 
would have their own language using sounds beyond the human 
range, Derk's griphons would have surely have problems in not 
knowing this. 

I'm just imagining how devestating an intelligent creature with a lyre 
bird's voice could be in the witness box "yes your honour, this is 
what I heard- " followed by a reproduction of defendant's 
conversation, complete with television on in background.

I've been wanting to join in with the YOG discussion but my critical 
faculties have  gone on strike, I think I need someone to say 
something I can violently diagree with <g>.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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