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Tue Dec 19 20:13:30 EST 2000

Nat wrote:

>"Yes! Corkoran reminds me (intentionally, I assume) of many of my 

Innnteresting... I was thinking he reminded me of certain lawyers of my
acquaintance, but the lawyers tend to have a more social materialistic

"There is a slightly sinister element in the culture of 
>computer programmers, and maybe scientists in general, which goes 
>against my usual experience of computer nerds as basically friendly 
>if occasionally socially inept (and I'll take that kind of ineptness 
>over Laurel-like social eptness any day)."

I think my experience of our culture - and I will limit this to American
culture so as not to make assumptions and sweeping generalizations - leads
me to think that in many ways our culture encourages this sort of
object-focused, ethically inchoate, faulty reasoning, overarching schema for
interpreting the world.  Oh, I dunno.  Perhaps I am talking cheaply!

 I don't know. It seems to 
>me like DWJ has been wrestling with some of the larger consequences 
>of powerful nerds for a while, certainly in Deep Secret, maybe in 
>Hexwood. It's not a knock-you-over-the-head Theme, but it's an 
>undercurrent. Like she's trying to figure out what bothers her. In 
>Corkoran she's come up with what to me was a basically sympathetic 
>character, whose flaws rather than his inherent Evil Intent make him 
>a danger to himself and others. His outlook is not so totally off 
>different from Derk's, if you think about it.  But the subtle 
>differences really do make all the difference.

Innnteresting point!  Derk bothers me as well, but he knows how to love and
to delight in others.
If I say more I will be redundant to another of my emails and I have to go
soon.  I think you are really on target about the wrestling with the
powerful nerds idea - what about when you can do incredible things that
others can't imagine?  It really is like another aspect to enchanters, a
natural leap or continuation, do you agree?

Happy holidays to you all in the four corners of our globe!

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