Fwd: love at first sight

Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Mon Dec 18 14:33:55 EST 2000

>>This despite the fact that my husband
>>>claims he knew one hour into our first blind date that he wanted to marry
>>Mine made up his mind very quickly too... I was *not* prepared for a
>>proposal only 11 days after first meeting!
>I probably knew when I met Ingrid, but it took 12 years and a failed 
>marriage to someone else to figure it out. I do believe in the 
>possibility of love at, if not first sight, then very short 
>acquaintance. Not that it means it will work out...
>Going back to Fire and Hemlock, there's one very significant 
>difference between DWJ's story and the original ballad "Tam Lin" 
>(well, ok, there are lots of differences...) and that's that Tam and 
>Janet did not know each other at all, and so depend on love at first 
>sight. Tom and Polly know each other as child and adult, then teen 
>and adult for nine years before the climax when they realize they 
>are in love.
>To me DWJ's story of meeting her husband to me points out to a 
>peculiarly clear vision she shows also in her writing... it may be 
>convoluted and get through a lot of tangled plot lines, but her 
>heroes and heroines are remarkably clear-thinking.

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