Year of the Griffin

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Dec 18 09:20:31 EST 2000

This despite the fact that my husband
>claims he knew one hour into our first blind date that he wanted to marry

Mine made up his mind very quickly too... I was *not* prepared for a
proposal only 11 days after first meeting!

Unfortunately there are only so many times one can say "no" - in the end it
boils down to accept him or turn him loose. In my day, anyway... I gather
things are a bit different now!

And I think I can accept Lydda's behaviour. She seemed to me to be a
realistic (!) mix of teenaged wilfulness and animal imperative.

Anyone encountered cross-species courting in real life? (Not that Lydda
cross-specied)  Our corella, Joe, is a 5 year old cock. He shares his aviary
with a little hen galah named Lou but it seems he wants to add Tegan (16 y-o
daughter) and me (!!!) to his flock. He courts us both assiduously and sees
my husband as a rival to be loomed at and attacked if possible.  Cracker,
our Sulphur cock (he's 6) also courts Tegan. It really does look funny. And
I'm talking real courting here. Sweet-nothings in ear, cheek to cheek, hand
kissings... our Leadbeater hen, on the other hand, turns on the charm for my
husband. She doesn't like Teg or me at all.

Sallyo - not about to marry outside her species!

Sallyo - coming up for a 22nd wedding anniversary.

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