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Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Fri Dec 15 14:27:37 EST 2000

>>I'll add one last thing. There was a point in the book, where I 
>>found Corkoran
>>more frightening and depressing that Wermacht, because, as you said Wermacht
>>was basically afraid, but also stupid and could be dealt with. 
>>Corkoran, or so
>>I felt, was much further in de-humanizing, seeing other people 
>>merely as means
>>to his end. When he thinks of just using the assasins in experiments, or when
>>he considers helping the heroes only because he finds out they could help his
>>project. This scene made me shiver. When one continues in this way, 
>>others are
>>no longer seen as subjects, but as objects, (I'm not sure wheter this makes
>>sense in English, too), not as fellow human beings, but things, being useful
>>or not. And this an attitude that frightens me to the bones.
>Yes! Corkoran reminds me (intentionally, I assume) of many of my 
>friends. There is a slightly sinister element in the culture of 
>computer programmers, and maybe scientists in general, which goes 
>against my usual experience of computer nerds as basically friendly 
>if occasionally socially inept (and I'll take that kind of ineptness 
>over Laurel-like social eptness any day). I don't know. It seems to 
>me like DWJ has been wrestling with some of the larger consequences 
>of powerful nerds for a while, certainly in Deep Secret, maybe in 
>Hexwood. It's not a knock-you-over-the-head Theme, but it's an 
>undercurrent. Like she's trying to figure out what bothers her. In 
>Corkoran she's come up with what to me was a basically sympathetic 
>character, whose flaws rather than his inherent Evil Intent make him 
>a danger to himself and others. His outlook is not so totally off 
>different from Derk's, if you think about it.  But the subtle 
>differences really do make all the difference.

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