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Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Thu Dec 14 09:48:11 EST 2000

>on the other continent?  Also a subject that painfully few fantasy authors
>tackle - why the heck to the griffins and the humans speak the same

There's a very good reason for not tackling this subject. It's the same
reason that lets characters accept the evidence of their eyes when real life
people would be off to the oculist or the mind-doctor. If you have someone
spending half the book denying what's happening, you've got a boring book.
And if you spend half or a whole book with characters who can't understand
one another, you've got a real problem.  It's been done a few times, with
varying success, but it certainly isn't common. "Enemy Mine" is the only one
thst springs to mind - oh, and the original Tarzan where the child Tarzan
very implausibly (IMO) teaches himself not only reading but speech from old

I think that if you accept that griffins and other creatures can exist by
"magic" then you must accept they can talk by the same power. After all, we
accept that dragons can fly, though in real life the wingspan would have to
be city-size.


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