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> But there were decidedly things I didn't love about the book.  At the
> risk of seeming the grinchiest of meanies, I'll reply to peoples
> lists of things they love with a few things I didn't.

I don't want to seem mean either, but I do agree with you on both points!

> First off, I hated the pop psychology breaking of the jinxes.  I
> hated that it was so obvious and superficial, and I hated the way
> seeing the problem led to instant resolution.  That seemed incredibly
> un-DWJ-ish to me.

Indeed. As if a problem troubling you so deeply could be solved just like that,
just by finding out the cause. And I'm also afraid that sometimes we *know* that
our behavior is self-destructive, we even know the reason for it, but that
doesn't help a bit.

> Secondly, I found the pairing-off towards the end a bit much,
> especially Isodel and Titus.  But then I've a long-standing dislike
> of the very idea of Love at First Sight, anyway, which may have
> warped my reaction to all this.

Hmm. I do not really believe it works. So maybe my reaction was "warped", too. I
recall thinking: Oh my, does *everyboy* have to be matched up? But I remebered as
well that DWJ wrote about meeting her husband the first time: "I knew I was going
to marry him, and I was a bit worried. Would I like him at all?" (or something
like that) So maybe that explains this part a bit.


Dickens, as you know, never got round to starting his homepage.

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