Completely Off-Topic - The Hunger Site

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Dec 13 05:24:47 EST 2000

First off, big apology for this.  Most everyone who would want to 
probably already knows about this site anyway.  But, in case there's 
anyone who hasn't heard of it... is a website 
which is sponsored by all sorts of companies and donates food every 
time you click on the site (well, you can do it once a day).  There 
are also other sites linked, including a child survival site (donates 
vitamin A capsules through UNICEF).

Despite having heard of this long ago, and visiting it regularly, it 
still took  my mother to point out to me the "shop and help" link, 
and - here's the  good bit - Amazon is one of the  many companies 
which give a cup of food for each dollar you spend there.  (There are 
some exclusions with Amazon, but the UK site seems to be included in 
this).  Not that I think many of us will be actually purchasing many 
books anytime in the near future!  :)


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