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>From Melissa:
 In the course of scanning my shelves trying
to find something that fit my requirements, I became aware that each book I
lit on evoked a unique response in me.  It was like (using _Amber Spyglass_
imagery) a different resonance or something, on a very deep level. 
   Okay.  So I'm trying to find something that resonates with either Harry
Potter or _Charmed Life_ (both surprisingly similar in this way) and came up
with a few things:  Sherwood Smith's Duel books, the Prydain novels,
Wrede's Dragon books.  Tamora Pierce.  All of these feel similar in this
way, so that if I'm in a certain mood, I tend to go circling through these
   I just saw this movie _High Fidelity_, with John
Cusack as a vintage record-store owner, and he has this HUGE record
collection and at one point he's reorganizing it autobiographically.  I have
visions of myself doing this, trying to track down the elusive connections
that make some books resonate like each other.  Fortunately I don't have

LOL! I get this as well- in fact, that's how my CDs are organised (or were
we moved, anyway. Now they're just on-the-shelf-to-get-them-off-the-floor.)
I don't 
have nearly as many CDs as books, of course, so it's feasible to spend an
now and then looking at them with my head on one side and going hmmm...
*that* feels
more like *this* to me now... It is strange which ones seem like they should
together. A lot of soul is in one place, but mixed in are Garbage, Queen and
Gomez. What 
those have to do with each other, or with soul, is anyone's guess- they're
just what
I feel like listening to at the same time. Drives anyone except me mad
trying to find 
stuff. I might do it differently now, since I've got to sort them anyway. 

Books are done more mundanely, in rough subjects- sf/fantasy, of course,
with eye-level
pride of place to dwj! But most of the categories blend- history over here
which sort of 
melts into old-cookery-books, which merges into food. And a big "misc"
section. But you're right, when I go to the library I'm usually not thinking
of a specific title but of a 
couple of books I want something *similar to*. Often dwj- there just aren't
enough books like hers!

Bujold and Georgette Heyer are a pair, for me- I think it's the sense of
humour in them. 
Iain M. Banks (just discovered him, finally!) and Vernor Vinge (thank you to
someone here 
for suggesting this guy, he's brilliant.) Elizabeth Moon's Paksennarion and
Katherine Kerr's Dawnspell/Red Wyvern world. Moon's space opera and David
Weber's. I know the setting of 
these pairs are similar, but other worlds in the same categories don't seem
nearly as 
similar as these do, and it isn't about plot. Memory loss- someone mentioned
a book with plot similarities to one of dwjs- I'd read them both and never
noticed because they feel so different. Something about the attitude of the
authors, maybe? (Polar City Blues and Palace, both sf by/cowritten by Kerr,
feel very different from each other to me) 

Enough wittering. I hope you get a chance to catch up on some sleep.
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