Gabriel King: Apology & Correction

Tanaqui tweaver at
Thu Dec 7 11:04:03 EST 2000

+ >I can't actually make the suberic archive spit out Wed 18 Aug at the moment,
+ >but I have been sharply rapped over the knuckles by M. John Harrison for my
+ >delusional witterings on that date.
+ Are you sure it was the 18th of August?  Looking through the archives, I
+ see only one message on that day (a test, from me)

Well, that was my problem with the archive. I looked through my posts and
could see nothing for me around that time at all. But that's what the email
asking for an apology said, and I do recall making intemperate remarks about
the Golden Cat books and the whole Gabriel King project. Er.

+ On a related note, if you see things on the site that are broken,
+ inaccessable, or otherwise problematic

Well, "problematic" in that I was suddenly held accountable for wittering,
but I would never compromise the integrity of an archive, even one which
records a bit of stupidity on my part.

+ If you've sent me mail and not gotten a reply, I sincerely apologize, and
+ request that you send it again.  

no, no. I was a bit baffled when archiving fervour hit the previously rather
transitory medium of email (what, Deja are recovering all those old posts we
all made to in its formative era? blimey!), but have to accept that I
may now be held accountable for any and all careless remarks...

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