Gabriel King: Apology & Correction

Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 7 10:08:08 EST 2000

In message <200012070529.FAA19052 at>, Tanaqui writes:
>I can't actually make the suberic archive spit out Wed 18 Aug at the moment,
>but I have been sharply rapped over the knuckles by M. John Harrison for my
>delusional witterings on that date.

Are you sure it was the 18th of August?  Looking through the archives, I
see only one message on that day (a test, from me), and looking through my
saved mail, I see a message from Tarja about Finnish translations, but
that's it.  (The discrepancy there is cause for concern... I hope that was
one of the times I was playing with the archives.)

On a related note, if you see things on the site that are broken,
inaccessable, or otherwise problematic, please send Deborah or I mail
personally to let us know.  (Particularly since one or the other of us may
have been trying to fix one thing and broke another without realizing...)

If you've sent me mail and not gotten a reply, I sincerely apologize, and
request that you send it again.  I am going to begin filtering my mail, so
that mail sent directly to me gets skimmed out of the mailing lists and
spam and nonsense and gets dealt with more efficiently.

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