Gabriel King: Apology & Correction

Tanaqui tweaver at
Thu Dec 7 00:29:24 EST 2000

I can't actually make the suberic archive spit out Wed 18 Aug at the moment,
but I have been sharply rapped over the knuckles by M. John Harrison for my
delusional witterings on that date.

Let me state that Jane Johnson has NOT "left publishing" in order to promote
MJH. Also, as MJH states, he is quite capable of commercialising himself.

Gabriel King was actually his idea: the name was mutually determined.
MJH has not dropped his own work in favour of the Gabriel King stories.

So those of you who paid any attention to my faulty interpretations of a talk
given at the last Picocon I attended: sorry. 

Looking forward to more MJH,


I do, I do prefer the "author's author" work. That's still true.
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